C-Point JavaScript Editor 10.0

C-Point JavaScript Editor 10.0

Antechinus JavaScript Editor is an IDE for HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and XML
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Antechinus® JavaScript Editor is not just a JavaScript editor but it's a complete set of tools needed to perform high end superior PHP / HTML / CSS / XML scripts as well. You will like the fully customizable layout of the program that enables you to drag/drop/resize/close multiple windows from within the program layout. The HTML / XHTML editor is great and offering all the features you may find in expensive large sized software (eg. Microsoft Frontpage / Adobe Dreamweaver) with shortcuts for all repeatable tasks. More advanced features are found in the HTML editor such as form validation generator. The JavaScript editing is really fun, The program will increase your skills by highlighting and coloring of the different part of the javascript language syntax making it easy to detect the code errors and fix them, It also supports AJAX code editing. The PHP editor part is also as good as the rest and allows color coding of the language syntax. a plan text editing is also supported with regular features of unlimited undoing / redoing. If you are writting a JavaScript / PHP code and forgot how to write the correct syntax for the function don't worry as by just presing the F1 key, a window will appear explaining to you how to do it correctly.

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Mark Adeeb
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  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and 64-bit systems
  • Integrated internal web preview app
  • Dozens and dozens of features


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